Sunday, August 29, 2010

130 Pound Giant Goonch Catfish

Goonch Catfish feed on corpses that are put in rivers in India. This giant fish can reach 6 feet long and weigh over 100 pounds. Scary enough in itself but now these fish have moved on to other waters and have been looking for live swimmers to munch on.

In the region near the India-Nepal border, for many years there have been ritual burials in which a body is burned to some degree and then the burned bodies or remains are tossed into the Great Kali River. It seems that the river has a type of catfish called a “goonch” that regularly dines on the human remains. Legend has it that there is a large creature that prefers humans that are alive and a researcher has determined that the legend is real and that the predator is a giant “goonch” catfish that has gotten fat over the years from being fed the dead.

Above: Jakub Vágner lifts the 165 lbs and 6′2″ long world record Goonch Catfish.

The diet that the species has become accustomed to may have helped the goonch — or at least a few members of the species — grow to unusually huge proportions. It may also have led the goonch to develop a taste for human flesh, which may now be fueling frightening attacks on live humans.

River Monsters - Man Sized Fish Video:

Style Workout with Ciclotte Stationary Bike

ciclotte 01.jpg

With one big circular body and two horns for a handle, the Ciclotte is certainly far from the common design of stationary bicycles.  With what seems to be a stationary unicycle, Ciclotte will not only make you look good through exercise but it would certainly add class to your room.

ciclotte 03.jpg

Designed by Luca Schieppati, Ciclotte is a stationary bike designed and built in Italy.  Made up of steel, carbon and glass fibre, this exercise machine is made of exceptional materials.  It uses an epicycloid transmission system, which spins the magnetized wheel, giving you the burn you need to trim down.

ciclotte 02.jpg

With its unique and modern look, it's not hard to find a place where you can put it.  It would definitely make any room stand out.



And if you're already tired at cycling on it, you can always relax and sit down while you stare and marvel at this artistic beauty of a stationary bicycle.


10 Famous Celebrities On Facebook With Huge Number Of Fans

Most of us here are not particularly big fans of the concept of patents but definetely you will like these stars from the Facebook big fan list.

10. Justin Bieber: 10,187,271 fans.
Attached Image: 30.jpg
9. Lil Wayne: 10,530,706 fans
Attached Image: 31.jpg
8. Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo: 10,667,749 fans
Attached Image: 32.jpg
7. Linkin Park: 11,117,550 fans
Attached Image: 33.jpg
6. Eminem: 11,692,739 fans
Attached Image: 34.jpg
5. Megan Fox: 12,380,846 fans
Attached Image: 35.jpg
4. President Obama: 12,818,749
Attached Image: 36.jpg
3. Vin Diesel: 14,599,865
Attached Image: 37.jpg
2. Lady Gaga: 16,461,891
Attached Image: 38.jpg
1. Michael Jackson: 23,175,515
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No Pants note by police

A note put by police:
No Pants - A woman walking through the parking lot of the Vadnais Heights big-box store did a double-take the morning of July 13 but wished she had not sen what she saw the first time.She told a deputy inside abput a man in a vehcl nude from the waist down and adult porn on the dashboard.The man,Who had not committed an actaul,was told to beat it.

Hold F11 and See the HAITI Shaking

Hold F11 and if you laugh you are really a bad person

Metal Illness In America - Statistics

Studies from 2004 showed that one in four adult Americans suffered from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.New research estimates that the true figure is closer to one in three.That's a higher prevalence than cancer or STDs,but mental illness are largely overlooked.Mental Illness are also really common in kids.Its time for a little mental illness reeducation.
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Mental Illness In America

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Most Amazing Sculptures in the World

Did you ever played in the sand? These people still do! They are making the most amazing sand sculptures in the world! Enjoy watching! Just smile