Sunday, April 30, 2017


Parasite inside Praying Mantis


What house would you belong to? I found this behind my office

Disney’s newest animatronic is mind-blowing


Bob Ross’ son’s wholesome reaction to making a mistake


Bullet Proof Glass Saves Guy From Sniper


Uber driver accidentally picks up prostitute instead of passenger. Hilarity ensues


Foreigner in Russia travels Volga River in 1958

Yet another American photographer went to see USSR in 1958. His focus of interest was the Volga river and cities on its shores. After he returned he made an album called "Volga River Essay", and here it is: Hope you … Read more...

Where will you be when opportunity strikes

That didn’t work out well

The best Tinder conversation I’ve ever had.

Zero chill. Lefties at Yale hold a hunger strike; Republicans do a barbecue next to them

Docking Station

Porn VS Ramadan in Google search in Arabic (from google trends)

The Smithsonian uploaded this today.

My 10+year old iPod. "kill me"

Go with the grain

Alright then

Man confronts undercover officers and TSA agents at LAX when they ask how much money he is carrying


Jimmy John’s Robber Caught


9 years ago today Bruno Mars was surprised to see Pete Wentz

Pretty wholesome cartoon. Love you mom

The strength of a crocodile

Money still can’t buy taste or sense