Saturday, January 31, 2015

Its just common courtesy

Never realized just how amazing and easy to understand Chinese characters are.


I’d like to thank measles for this short wait at Disneyland.

Stephen Fry on God


World’s creepiest icicle

What my gym looks like since January 1st…


My buddy got hit by a car while on his motorcycle, and landed like a god damn ninja.


Dog having the time of his life balancing a ball on his nose.


Today grandma posted her first photo on Facebook. Today I did my first face swap.

White girls were here

My uncle is a fountain of wisdom. He didn’t get why I was laughing.

I swear on these

Was driving through Compton, and I think I found Hulk Hogan’s brother from another mother.

Will and Jaden Smith face swap.

This is why its so frustrating for the younger generation to hear baby boomers talk

The homeless of Cambridge never cease to amaze me.

You park like an asshole …

Me: "What do you want for you birthday Akua?" Akua: "I want to say hi to America!" From Ghana

Drew Bree sees Saints fan during Conan, asks if he could throw a football to her. Doesn’t go as well as planned.


Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother. Animals Do Have Emotions


Best mascot dance I have ever seen


First McDonalds in Soviet Union: Biggest Launch Event in the World

20150123-005  Exactly this day, but twenty five years before, January 30th of 1990 there was a first McDonalds eatery opened in Moscow. It was also the first one in the whole country - in the Soviet Union. They say they … Read more...

This guy knows how to rock a fucking poncho

Inside a Camera at 10,000fps