Friday, November 30, 2012

What I think everytime the computer acts strange

The Octopus is very modest and is made terribly uncomfortable by public nudity

I’m on TV. I hate it.

My friend’s dog knows how to charm the bitches.

I need more of this cat

I think I lost a couple of IQ points by trying to read this.

When it’s a really hot outside and my friend wants me to go swimming in his pool

I wish these guys would randomly appear in my life.

This shirt is so ‘Murcan it hurts

Winter nights

Lara Croft

I accused her of farting. She got pretty upset.

Somewhere, a packaging designer is chuckling. Not sure how this one got through.

I love the fact that someone actually spent time to do this.

Classic Youtube

Only 300 dared.

Yet another thing I don’t have the talent for

Winter swimming in the Netherlands

When I’m trying to show my girlfriend how its done

Featherless chicken – created by an Israeli geneticist

Like a glove!!

Colts cheerleaders shaving their heads to show support for Coach Chuck Pagano and his battle with leukemia


A very straightforward bumper sticker

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I’m not really sure what drove me to do this…

I got tricked at work today…

I protected you because I love you

Squirrel eating a breadstick

Sign at my local train station

As a straight male from the south, I agree 100%

Welcome to real life kid

Sugar and sulfuric acid

When you see it

That feel

Who knew baby crows were this cute?

That’ll be $19.99 plus treat.

Why wont you hold me?

5 X 5 = Death

Moved to Japan after a Rough year. Happy with this decision.

The tragic lot of the Onion.

Anyone else horrified that they make obese mannequins too now?

Video: Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil


Blood diamond graffiti

One childs very interesting view on plain doughnuts.

Wanna dance?

Indoor fireplace and hot tub

Normal day in Australia.. Just witnessed the local police in hot pursuit of two emus..

Took me way longer than necessary to realize.