Saturday, April 30, 2016

This poster at my school

This is what happens when you put horizontal mirrors on a shack in the desert

I broke my eyes by sitting next to a window

Stay safe out there

The Van Life

Woven bark fiber


Bill Burr Commentary: Great Antonio vs. Antonio Inoki


This Youtube Channel debunks fake viral videos and explains how theyre made. Guy definetily deserves way more popularity!



Depressing Transformation

Greatest WoW story

This guy knows how to lose with style on Jeopardy

Oh man that reporter couldn’t wait to ask those 2 questions

Things that go bump in the mall

Jimmy Fallon Wearing Shaq’s Suit Jacket

Can’t argue with this logic..

My friend Willie took our Spirit Week’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ a bit too seriously

Some girls send their boyfriends nudes. I get these.

Parallel parking world champion

Soviet Student Party 1967

If you ever wondered how did the Soviet students partied, how did they look like, did they really have fun and all this back fifty years ago then here is a rare chance. Thanks to those once private photos of … Read more...

I made a Redundant Clock.

Jim Sterling stumbles across a way that ensure’s ContentID abusers cannot profit off his work


Porrrrr Queeee?!

When two monkeys are unfairly rewarded for the same task.