Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Loser for best make up vs the winner for best make-up at the Oscars

Airplanes on Display on Russian Army Day 2017 in Krasnodar Russia

On February 23, the Official Army Day, army was having a recruiting event - displaying their best of the best to attract people make army contracts and serve. Photographer Dmitry went there and here are some photos of cool machinery … Read more...

Story of a Russian Man Who Travels a World and Makes Selfies with Cats

1482070477-aed81bf362679c59df63e7c261b08a6aThis Russian man became popular for his strange hobby of taking selfies with different cats he meets all over the world. He puts it as this: "When I got my first camera smartphone in 2014 and I didn't find to … Read more...

Pregnant car accident victim stops breathing. Nurse on his way to work does CPR until paramedics arrive. He saves her life then rushes off to work bc he’s late.


Introducing Handle (Boston Dynamics)


Soviet Lithuania

Lithuania, or Lietuva as it's being called inside the country, was a part of Soviet Union from 1945 to 1991. Now it is independent country. During Soviet reign the people of this country still were pretty hostile to other Soviet … Read more...

Considering it’s the most unhospitable place on the planet, the USA’s South Pole Station is *incredible* in how well built and luxurious it is.


H3H3 copyright lawcase update


A Story of a Wooden 19th Century Russian Palace Deep in the Woods Destroyed and then Restored Again

The story of this wooden building is like a fairy tale. In the middle of the woods for long time the real semi destroyed and burned wooden palace of an unknown king was standing. It was a scary sight for … Read more...

can’t trust cats

He literally partied that hard

You Won’t Believe #5!!!

When I was a kid, I won a costume contest for what the judges called my "Chinese Rice Farmer" outfit.

My Brother took a photo outside of a pub while on a trip in London and my Mom recognized it (23 years earlier)

I am having fun with my cancer scar and keeping my spirits up

So many choices

Give this kid a medal

A 5 liter Coke

Wanted: Boyfriend from Congo.

Ryan Gosling’s reaction as the true winner of best picture ‘Moonlight’ is announced at the Oscars

Papa Bless


Foreign cars on Russian streets in 1980s

In USSR seeing a foreign car on Russian streets was sort of a one-to-million occurence especially if it was with foreign plates. So no wonder many of those encounters were photographed as something out of this world to show friends … Read more...

Just came back from my honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and they didn’t have Plan-B. They had something way better.

PSA: What NOT to Say in a Texas Smoke Shop