Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to twerk

OK Go held a fan-made music video competition. This won first place.


Makes me laugh every time

Little girl learns about water pressure with her grandmother


The Trailer Park Boys Get So High In Amsterdam, They Almost Break Character


Louisville Jail Humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants


When a New Zealand high school gets a new Maori carving


What would you add to this list?

90s nostalgia

My town can only afford the off-brand R2D2…..

No idea who did it

Mike Tyson on a yacht wearing a thuns out guns out shirt

Moving.. Nurses after a patient suffers a miscarriage

Being An Adult


Well, which day of the week? Please be more specific.

The first step in solving a problem is identifying it.

Longest Whip ever Cracked 238 feet 3 inches


Car alarm dying gives unexpected beat


Wildlife In Chernobyl

Most sane humans evacuated Chernobyl while they still could, but unfortunately for these animals they've been left behind.