Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Woman Sheds 189 Lbs And Completely Transforms Herself

31 year old Joanne Cooper started suffering from the effects of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as a teenager. This caused her weight to skyrocket and doctors told her she would never be able to have kids. She used that as motivation to transform herself. She got gastric bypass surgery and lost 189 lbs (85 kg). You won't believe the woman in the last picture is the same person from the first picture.

Taylor Swift stopped by my hospital room for a surprise visit and sang Adele’s "Someone Like You" while I accompanied her on the piano (I am leukemia patient)


"we don’t have Coke, is Bepis okay?"

How to split a 26,000 pound block of granite in two using a 2 pound hammer


You and your stupid Beethoven!

GoPro sitting under a 75mph train.


4 Year Old Baffled By Nursery Rhyme


BBC Advert Banned After 12 Complaints


Legal or not

These things exist

rotation wave

Apparently my two year old got mixed up with the wrong crowd at Legoland…

and yet none of them are Miley. Justice has not been served….yet

Guy makes a homemade flamethrower. His girlfriend is not pleased, but his logic is awesome.


The European Space Agency created these adorable short cartoons about its Rosetta space probe, but almost nobody has viewed them yet


4 years ago, comedian Greg Giraldo died. Here he is owning Denis Leary…three times in 90 seconds.


Here is a video that will break your clichés about fighting in armour by the end of the fifteenth century. From the Cluny Museum of France (x-post from r/MedievalHistory)


Post Apocalyptic Chicken in Ukraine

thumb-20140929-1383556_0004If you wondered how the post apocalyptic world might look like seconds after a disaster this might be a real life, not movie taken, scene. Thousands of suddenly freed chicken leave the farm, trying to eat something, trying to each … Read more...

Soviet Dancing Youth in 1989

sddefault-2  If you have ever wondered how a late Soviet dance event might looked like then this is how. A short video but almost guaranteed to make you smile at least. Well, I don’t think its too much different from … Read more...

Comparing Every iPhone Model Ever

All iPhones are not created equal.