Friday, May 31, 2013

"30 year olds who have to live with their parents because of the economy" – Painting by Jason Seiler for Wall Street Journal

Best reaction to Nathan Fielder’s Experiment

I couldn’t find my wife until I looked in her closet. I said, "What are you doing?"…she says, "I have nothing to wear".

Just saw this on facebook

How God made Asians

My girlfriend is a monster.

Powerful image! Police and firefighters in Spain clashing over austerity measures

When he’s around…

The most ridiculous stunt by MacGyver

Life of Pie…

Someone had some fun packing this…

Encountered this fine gentleman in Tokyo today.

Amazing alternative to a fountain (4 Pictures)

1 2 3 4

My son thinks he is hilarious

Have you ever ran so fast that you turned into a black man?

Panhandling:You’re doing it right.

What’s worse than an ice cube down the back of your shirt?

Bamboo drift racing: you balance yourself on one bamboo, and try to navigate using another

Best phone cover.

SPOILERSThe last words of the office… Going to miss this show.

Smart thinking.

I made a helmet out of an old analog monitor

so how long until my truck gets keyed or vandalized? a little social experiment of my own…

Waiting for you

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monty Python’s review of “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”

Ship shaped hotel in South Korea

Saw a waiter clearing plates at a local restaurant

It’s fucking confusing.

Friend’s Grandma Looks like Mark Zuckerberg

Daily Morning Epicness (35 Pictures)

1 2 How YOU doin’? 3 4 5 My friend’s parents raise deer for a living… This is ridiculous. 6 7 A genius you are not sir 8 9 Tom and Jerry 10 11 may or may not be smelly 12 13 Approaching an iceberg from the mast of a ship… holy shit 14 15 [...]

Buying a lady a drink.

So i was at this pawn shop…

So, things got a little crazy at my friend’s wedding…

I laughed far too hard..

Obamas legos

Went to see some belly-dancing in Oklahoma, was not disappointed.

Some water running from the roof got stuck by the paint on the ceiling

Today I learned Katy Perry has a big heart

[OC] today the shadow of our plane lined up with a rainbow halo. May never get a shot like this again.

Without a doubt my favorite quote, but I couldn’t help but imagine this

Now it makes sense

Students at my highschool hired a mariachi band to follow around our principal for 4 hours

Good guy Smart Car owner.

omg I live in the ghetto

I wanted to see how my sister’s trip to Europe was going, so she sent me this…

My friend went to a dance, this was him at the after party.

These 3 businesses go together like peas in a pod

My sister posted this on the Herbal Essences Facebook page, but they deleted it. I have no idea why.