Thursday, May 31, 2012

We all knew secretly..

How I feel as a fatty.

Sometimes I am confused by religion..

“Why didn’t anyone tell me I looked like this?”

My friend is in a wheelchair, this was his costume at last night’s party

Today I ate a snake fruit. It tasted like pineapples

Video: The coolest way to learn Chemistry ever…


I guess nature really does provide for everything

Today I learned that baby hedgehogs are called hoglets…

Jury duty is the life…

Mark Twain got it right.

A true hero

Dear Algebra…

What could possibly go wrong?

Van Gotye

You float on a throne of lies

Anti-PDA cat

Video: Best prom ever


That awkward moment when you realize your recycling bin inadvertently makes you look like the loneliest man in the world…

I am the Bat-yawn.

CPR: Cute Puppy Resuscitation

Door Out of Order

Top 21 most annoying things ever


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My reaction everytime I see a hot girl with another guy

Oh. . . you Bill Gates.

Oh the feeling of corn.

Trust me. I’m a lion.

Well, that’s an awkward spelling mistake

Took forever. 8 puppies. Family portrait.

Video: Men of uberhumor, this will speak to you directly..


How I feel after IHOP

Best profile picture on Facebook: Duck face hunt

Anatomy of a hug

Google knows whats up

Siri has the best jokes

73% more likely to get pregnant

How I feel right before a job interview

What a hero


When I mistake a stranger for my friend

Hair So Strong

Video: Trippy as hell…


Being a police offficer.

Stop laughing. I am so f’ing serious right now.

College Liberal

Some awesome 2012 Guiness World Records


Early signs of not giving a fuck