Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stupid smug horse

just my dog, giving my cat a drive-by smooching

Awesome 3D Drawing

Pretty happy with my latest profile pic

What I think when people post exercise updates to Facebook.

Honestly, did this require a sign?

Travelling at the speed of light


Everytime I apply for a job

three points

This handsome man is buying this lovely woman an engagement ring – they are getting married in December! It is never too late for love.

Hulk smash!

So I asked Hell Pizza in NZ for a dirty joke… Was not expecting this..

How to tell if you are in the 1%: Does your neighborhood McDonald’s look like this?

New way to enjoy your coffee

After ice rain in China…

Dinner for One

Amazing Street Magic

There is no regret behind those eyes. None.

How a student night out in England usually ends up…

Different point of view.

Ach, mein arsch


Protective dogs are protective

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If I get any whiter…

Do it. Do it now.(FB)

Looked at the ceiling in class today

Sounds about right

Imagine a word…

When I’m drunk and everyone else is sober…

Found this Octopus attempting to clean up trash in the ocean…

Here’s a picture of a shaved llama

Waking up from a drunken stupor and realizing you hit up every ex girlfriend in your phone book

One of my favorite quotes by George Carlin

Wood Pile Art

Getting out of the pool (fixed)

I never get tired of this story.

Major companies and what they should be called

Gazuntigh… OMG WTF!!!!


Showed my English teacher this picture after a long discussion over the meaning of a book we were reading. She was not amused.

Four Stages of Life…

My boyfriend thinks I have crappy timing.

no one is left out on Halloween!

Awesome Random Internet Fact

Decided to try recreating Tate’s skull-face makeup from American Horror Story. How’d I do?

I managed to shape my orange peel into a basketball player

Thanks, youtube.