Friday, March 31, 2017

Quick D: Traffic Dodging


Photos of Luxury Life of Kazakhstan Russian Hacker Arrested in Canada

On March 14, 22 year old Karim Baratov, Kazakhstanian citizen, was arrested in Canada. He was charged with being affiliated to Russian hackers. He is charged with hacking over 500 million Yahoo and Google accounts in 2014. The details of … Read more...

Vacationers in Spain tend to African migrants after they washed up on the resort beaches trying to get into Europe

Girl proposes to boyfriend during Kiss Cam


The speech that would have been given if the moon landings failed. Gives me serious tingles

All 6 lanes of major highway I-85 in Atlanta just went up in flames and collapsed


How I wake up my son


Water cooled 72,000 lumen flashlight


How I’m hoping they learn that bedtime MEANS bedtime

Donald Trump and his son look like the type of people that buy a poor person to slaughter on purge night

It saved me almost $100 and she’s oblivious they’re counterfeit.

Emergency Exit

This is what you get for living in Florida

Ever trolled a doctor?

Waiter helping to feed disabled lady so her husband can finish his meal. Good job good man.

Each booth is an alternate reality.

Just a little old lady and her pythons

How Europeans see the USA

I made a new type of third brake-light a few years ago. It’s not doing any good being hidden from the world, so here goes…


Hot Ones: Ethan and Hila


Are GMOs Good or Bad? Genetic Engineering & Our Food


A Tram Converted to a Floating House

This man got his hands on an old tram and converted it to a floating house. It was spotted on the Desna river. Later it was abandoned and now stays uninhabited. It was a cool idea and he used it for … Read more...

Bear Found its Home on Russian Airfield

Over one year this bear lives on a Russian airfield. Russian blogger Andrey visited this place and made some photos and told this story. The bear mom was killed by poachers. Little newborn bear appeared on the airfield. It was … Read more...

Amy Schumer blatantly steals a joke from Zach Galifianakis