Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Soviet Cosmonaut Depicts Space

02There are no second raters among cosmonauts. All of them are interesting, smart and often gifted. Thus the first man who walked in space, Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov, was a good artist. And it’s a luck for all of us, … Read more...

Dum dum dum dum dum

Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire

img-20140303203504-781“Neftekamskneftehim” is the largest in Europe oil refinery. It is located in Tatarstan, Russia and today at 7.00pm Moscow Time tens of firemen were urgently summoned as the oil giant got on fire. More photos and videos inside.    

National Mass Fight Day

_xzWWbaJaE8  Do you know what some Russian people like to do on the last day of winter or first days of spring? They indulge themselves in the activities called mass fight and  burn things that look like crosses. Those activities … Read more...

Massive Army Gathered a Few Miles from Europe

DSC_3713_webAt this moment the large scale military movement and excercise was taking place in Vyborg, just a few miles East of the border with European Union and Finland. Chief commanders jointly presented on site. As fontanka.ru states a joint forces … Read more...

Army is on Move in Tatarstan, Russia

More army movements have been spotted, this time in Tatarstan, Russia. Video was shot on 03-03-2014, on a road in Tatarstan. Also in response to this posted video another poster (commenter) added: “And just fifteen minutes ago, there was a … Read more...

Ninja Turtle Noses (10 Pictures)

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Learn the Bloody difference


Still my favorite picture from the Afghanistan war

An amazing free kick attempt, but an even better save…


Monday, March 3, 2014

It’s like defusing a bomb

Those leggings though. [Prank]


Life of a college student

An alarming amount of effort went into this Big Lebowski porn parody.


Why we walk in cities: a map of how far one mile can take a pedestrian in an American city vs. an American suburb

England in a nutshell…


Reese Witherspoon teleported during the Independent Spirit Awards last night.


Odessa 1976

In 1976 a Finnish journalist Seppo Tuominen came to Odessa and Kishinev, Ukraine. And these are the pictures he managed to take then. via masterok

Historical Chronicle: the Stalingrad Battle, Part II

Another big set of pictures devoted to the Stalingrad battle (1943). You can see the biginning here. Soviet tanks are entering Stalingrad, 1943. Women and children are meeting soldiers-liberators under Stalingrad, 1943. Arrest of Field-Marshal-General Paulus in Stalingrad, 1943. The … Read more...

Black Sea Fleet of Russia

What does the Russian Navy have to oppose the enemies of the country? Check out the ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet inside this post.

Old Estate of Russian Noblemen

The wonderful and unique estate of the noble family of the Nechaevs was being gradually created in the XVIII – XIX centuries. The architectural complex includes a mansion, an English park, a huge garden, a cascade of ponds, outbuildings, a … Read more...

Russia Has Really Hot Support!

b01571ec39be5f79e3c12abe6767de58Luckily this guy was watching the triumphal for Russia ski race at home, not at the stadium. With such supporters we had no choice but win at the Olympics! We hope the doggie was OK when it was over…

Huge Pancake Pie

Big scope for a big city! This is how they decided to celebrate Maslenitsa (Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday also known as Butter week) – they made a huge 500 kg pie from pancakes with bananas and chocolate paste!

Rarely Visited Object of Chernobyl 2

This is another rarely visited Chernobyl object – a communication center, over-the-horizon radar “Duga”. Probably you have not seen its pictures yet. The way to the object leads through the narrow corridor. The building of the communication center itself. Everything … Read more...

They saw a chance, and they took it.

Panda’s birthday

Don't Mind If I Do

A baby elephant stuck in a ditch after slipping from a railway embankment in India

The site does still serve a purpose. This is how I've purchased a lot of my nicer stuff. I usually get 60-75% retail prices.

Friends, starring 3rd Reich celebrities


"Jumping Fitness" – Ending is hilarious.


Marine Airforce Is Ready

  Marine airforces of East naval forces is ready to take the orders from its chief commander – the president. It’s a duty of a pilot to obey the orders and carry on the tasks. Those are mostly KA helicopters, … Read more...

Found this in my last visit to China.

Spoof off of those summer sports movies where they follow three friends on a journey to stardom. This is hilarious.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Romanian tourism brochures from U.K.

Trolling shoppers

The zoo is a little cold

Huge Wave breaks windows at restaurant on pier in Santa Barbara, CA [3/1/14]


My Bro & his husband had a baby boy via in vitro fertilization and surrogacy. I feel this onesie is appropriate.

My friend’s boss wouldn’t air this ad for his car dealership because he thought it was too violent. I think it’s genius (and hilarious). [0:30]


The best speech of all time [Fixed]


Controlled Demolition, NOT

This is how they sometimes demolish things around. Not much of a controlled environment, really. Also, the white van is a police van.

More Winter in Chernobyl

Some more photos of the Nuclear Winter – Winter of Chernobyl. As people say this year winter there wasn’t too snowy, however the temperature went far below zero, as low as -25 C. So the photos were made in one … Read more...

Winter In the Neighborhood

1-1This artwork tells the story of the times when Internet didn’t exist and people of USSR found their way outside to get themselves entertained. The picture was created by I.Popov in 1964 in Russia but is being stored in Minneapolis … Read more...

Rare Photos of Soviet Planes Assembly

0_e4db0_bdd5d79c_XXLI doubt that during the Soviet era such photo could circulate freely, because of the fairs of the technology theft or industrial espionage. Nick Nilov, a photographer, was one lucky Soviet guy who was allowed to take different photos of … Read more...

Once in a Bus

After seeing such a video you might get an idea of what you can expect when using public transportation means in Novosibirsk, Russia. Video might be a bit shaky and has been shot vertically, but in my opinion one might … Read more...

Crimea (Ukraine) Yesterday

2858492-1Some photos made in Crimea, Ukraine yesterday. Photos from different sources and are describing the situation in whole. Also, according to Wikipedia and Ukrainian census of 2001, the majority of people in Crimea (77% to be exact) considered to be … Read more...

This Car is Crazy

Russian guy has built this car. He said he used computer 3D modeling software to design the outer look and the suspension characteristics of his future car. Then he with friends built it. They used Nissan Maxima as a source … Read more...

I guess he just loves the smell of light

International Rugby referee has a cool tattoo