Friday, August 31, 2012

You came to the wrong forest!

This is strangely titillating.

Best ice sculpture I have ever seen! Firefighter.

When I saw the “keep off the grass” sign at the job I was recently fired from

Pac Norris

Lady-pen reviews

Fat cat

Moms vc Dads

Target in sight, engage on my mark…

Fun with typography

When my parents ask me at dinner “when are you going to bring a girl over?”



You get to see what they are looking at after the 100th time


An old Chris Hardwick gem.

Roommate trolling

Had to bruce up my new Laptop

This place is so strict!

Baby elephant greets her keeper

My friend’s latest drunken eBay purchase


Well, he has a point

Meet Venus, the Chimera cat with two faces

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Volvo Ad

Turtle riding on a jellyfish


He sure did…

The Simpsons solved the abortion debate back in 1996

Customer service reps..

When my friend dropped the f-bomb during dinner with my parents

Ashtom Kutcher as Steve Jobs for the upcoming movie..

I think I’ll become a tree when I die

You guys like my Scary Night Tattoo

The historic evolution of the rapper over the past 20 years

Use of available resources: A+

Confused pug

kitten climbing a ladder.

Surprised Cat

The lead singer of nickelback found love

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend..

What a shocker..

Just wanted a cute picture with my dog

Tommy Lee Jones gives exactly zero fucks.

Backpacked through Southeast Asia this past winter. Found this little guy in Laos

Thanks for the heads up and good luck!

Well, that almost ended badly

They can keep him.