Monday, September 30, 2013

All black house in Germany.

It’s a fap free zone

This is my daughter’s car wash

There’s one on every flight…

Whenever I see a banged up car, I wonder what happened. This guy answered the question.

These are some awesome rare lenticular clouds.

Retirement in Arizona

Popcorn guy

Training of Russian Artillery

Some pictures of the recent training of Russian artillery and missile forces of the Eastern military district. via pressa-tof

World Largest Radio Telescope

There is an interesting astrophysical observatory in Karachay-Cherkessia that owns the world’s largest radio telescope RATAN-600 (“600″ – means the diameter – 600 meters), and the largest in Eurasia reflecting telescope with the main mirror whose diameter is equal to … Read more...

Eggs For a Hiker

Yes, we are going to cook eggs. And we are going to do it on the fifth highest point of the Crimea, Ukraine, on the improvised stove. What we need: - mountains, beautiful sky and many clouds; - backpack – … Read more...

The Album of 1870s

Pictures of Ivan V. Boldyrev are absolutely unique, they have already been arousing undying interest for over a century. The author was working in a quite original manner and managed to feel a situation, to give a figurative characteristic to … Read more...

Russian Cruiser Goes Through the Panama Canal

tnThis unique video was made during a three-months campaign of a Black Fleet flagship – guided-missile cruiser “Moscow”. It was overcoming the first locakge by means of two special locomotives. Speed of ships may vary on different parts of the … Read more...

Shiba team

In celebration of the finale: Breaking Bad hair swap

Sky sign?

a802f4f47556871ad99d155fd839a99dIt seems that the universe itself disapproves army service!

Just a Morning Way to Work

e7c0dbfbc20b566200921ccf5c921bc9Just imagine if you normally have such a trip over the river every morning you go to work. For the citizens of Nadym, Russia, it’s a harsh reality.

Awh shit, here comes the google street car

Look what i found on my way to work today

Good try, Deadpool.

Why you gotta make the Asian guy a ninja and the black guy a gang member?

People having a worse day than you

It's like someone put a sunset in this gem… Beautiful Fire Opal.

Meanwhile at Wendy’s

Anti-pervert hairy stockings for women are huge in China right now.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Comes with a free easy bake oven

Well, we all know how much Lincoln loved the theater.

Privilages of age..

My friend’s profile picture, showing his two sides.

It’s cool bro, I got this

The View I wake up to Every Morning Now That the Girlfriend’s Cat Has Moved in..

Just my bird and I getting some work done at home.

Caught on the news the other day. Best firefighter name ever.

Comic Halloween makeup idea

Su 30SM Air Superiority Fighter

Some pictures of SU-30 SM two-seater aircraft from MAKS-2013 air show. This air-superiority fighter has engines with thrust-vector control, its show was rather spectacular. via ibold

In a Huge Saltmine

A short photo report depicting how they extract salt in the saltmines of Sol-Iletsk, Russia. The mine you are going to see is one of the largest in Russia. They extract just a phantastic amount of salt there anually. The … Read more...

Ghost Town That Still Has a Chance to Revive

Tkuarchal was a developing industrial town in Soviet Abkhazia. It was the town of miners, workers, engineers. Pipes of its factories produced so much smoke that a man who came outside and walked through the town returned home being all … Read more...

Who Cares About Years?

Such people as Vyacheslav from Tolyatti can be met rather seldom. For his age he has an amazing physical shape and easily makes 6-9 “sunwheels” on the bar daily.  

The next generation of bullies

A local restaurant in our small Canadian town has the rudest fortune cookies.

This guy looks like Morgan Freeman. He works as a security guard in Venezuela.

How I deal with random photobombers

Saw this Tesla at the gym the other day…

Lucky guy Ed O'neill accompanied by both his wives.

My parents live on 15th Street in Chicago. This showed up in the mail today.

Giant turtle

Catch Sparky! …Sparky?

Hollow Point Bullets After Being Shot Underwater (Andrew Tuohy)

"I need a better angle for these fries!"