Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stop a Douchebag – Employee Of the Year


Casually Explained: The Friend Zone


Tinder: The Superhero Movie


A Glass of Water


I’m a super low-level youtuber whose animation just received two copyright claims. Asking for advice.


Eider ducks sound as though you’ve just told them a very interesting fact


Russian Police Destroys Biggest Gypsy Village in Russia

Despite mass protests the police were not going to back off. They got an order to destroy the village. The Gypsy population tried to used their most valued religious artifacts to stop the police but it didn't help. See the … Read more...

i is so sorry you must always take bath, weird cat.

Wife pointed this out before my bike ride today. I believe my father-in-law is the culprit.

Friday Motto.

Emma Watson’s perfect reply

This snow looks like a cat

My 96 year old grandma playing VR right now

Arguing with an Engineer

High expectation Asian father is proud on this day

My first attempt at cross stitching

TV ‘pundits’

How COD Ruined All Modern Shooters


What a creative way to repurpose a shoe rack!

Love can strike at any time

Tilt Shift and Low Frame Rate Make Amazing Footage of a Car Race


Russian dating sites are a goldmine

Why cant my school have teachers like this