Friday, September 30, 2016

My blind friend has a magnetic watch.

Conan Visits the Gym with Kevin Hart


Just got this picture from my cousin who lives in South Korea

The scariest man on the planet… has the weakest battle scream on the planet


Please do not expand the list

Thermochromatic Paint


There is a dangerous product known as "Black Salve" being sold to cancer patients and it does nothing but harm them. Feel like this needs more attention.


A couple’s performance


How I use the internet

I think I just started ovulating, and I’m a guy

Cows have best friends and become sad when they are separated

My mother in law just texted me this asking "What is ass 19?"

This is mesmerizing

Kids at my school use their smartphones to change the channel from the closed circuit TV to cartoons everyday

The happiest potato I’ve ever seen

A few of my garrison’s friends and I posed for a Rogue One inspired photo shoot. Here’s the final result.

Thanks Adobe…..

Grew up around this; miss it. These cows get to go outside at the start of spring after a winter inside.

‘Oh dear me’

I can feel his pain

Charlize Theron Gains 41 Pounds For New Movie Role

Charlize Theron has been showing off a curvier figure on the set of her new movie "Tully" as of late. She gained as much as 44 pounds for the new role, and she'll be playing a tired mother of three. The movie is set to hit theaters in 2017.

Childish Gambino – Storytelling Through Hip-Hop (kaptainkristian)


So trippy…can’t look away

My buddy just got a new door installed at his house.