Saturday, November 30, 2013

so I flew across the atlantic last night and this is what I saw outside

Chillin Tramp Wall Style

Jesus drove a Honda…

Could a row-boat support her?

When I was 7, my mom had us take Christmas Card pictures. My sisters wouldn’t stop fighting, so I did what older brothers do best..

This is a sculpture in the mall of Prague.

Found this when cleaning the couch I bought from goodwill today

Almost got it up… NONONONONONONO

My bar code reader app failed to read this. Help?

What the hell is Frosty doing to Santa?

The Hound from Game of Thrones, without makeup and facial hair

Strangely True

Avenge Me!

Slowly.. slowly, there you go

Bromance – all the way to the chapel

Every Walmart in America right now

Two Missiles, Two Fates

A photo story of two missiles whose destiny was to become a monument and a museum exhibit. This one (on the picture above), R-13, stands in Severomorsk, Russia. It’s a Soviet liquid-fuelled single-stage ballistic missile. It was used to make … Read more...

I want this to happen just so I can observe stupid people

Told my gf I loved her she replied with this…

Beer opening level: Chilean

Sometimes you see a haircut so perfect it brings tears to your eyes

My dad finally got his pilot’s license today. He sent me this.

We have fake candy candles set out for Thanksgiving. There are supposed to be 5

Building Strength Tester

Friday, November 29, 2013

Retail Employees on Black Friday

Lucid Stead, a ‘transparent’ house created from wood and mirrors

My favorite quote from this show


Good Guy Boyfriend

Short Canadian girl problems, the carhawk

We’re damned if we’re too quick in bed, now we’re damned if we’re too slow! We can’t win!

How many attempts?

Wanna Be a Cosmonaut!

high_bar_failVillage training on the bar went so wrong!  

Autumn Flights of Ka 26

We are back at the Mozhaisk airfield in the Moscow region to join the pilots flying by helicopter Ka-26. via pkk-avia

Post Soviet Existance of the Northern City

Amderma had been one of the big Soviet fluorite deposits before WWII. After the war many more deposits were found and this one was closed. But instead it started to develop as a base for the Arctic region research. They … Read more...

Sand Barchans In the Midst of Snow

What is the most unusual about Yakutia? Cold below -50C, permafrost, diamond placers? Or maybe a fist sized northern mosquitoes? Nope! The most unusual about Yakutia is a desert! Yes, the real desert in the midst of the taiga of … Read more...

Jumping From the 50 m Pipe

This 50 m pipe belonging to the boiler station is located under Ussuriysk city, Russia, and nobody prohibits to jump down from it. So many young guys like to take the chance. via mikesiman

Background Actor Fails

These background actors have no idea what they are doing.

The guy who has no idea how brooms work:

This guy who definitely just fought a ghost:

These fierce warriors performing in their brutal fight:

And these guys too:

This guy that is pretty sure he was just kicked:

Whoever that stormtrooper in the back is who didn’t realize there was a DOOR THERE:

This guy who has no control over his arm movements:

This little kid who wanted everyone to look at…something.

This woman who is unsure of how cutting food works:

This dude who doesn’t know how he even ended up where he is:


That dude back there who literally is just standing there with his pants open:

That girl in the back who doesn’t realize you aren’t supposed to stop running and just look at the camera:

This guy who really thought it was important to fall and roll over:

This guy, who finally realized he’d just been shot:

This guy who looks a little too jolly to be running into shark-infested waters:

And this cat who clearly will never work another day in his life: