Sunday, March 31, 2013

Passing through Canada. Saw what USED to be a sign.

Bffs <3

Bitch stole my pizza

In Simpsons it's definitely the little things

A few years ago my family and I bought Snuggies so we could take creepy family pictures.

Somebody’s going to have to answer for for this one

Explaining a joke

We got some serious musician here

Guess what Benjamin Franklin did in 1776…

Is that duct tape?

Mitch hedberg

Well… shit…

Jumping off a plane doesn’t worry them, because dogs don’t perceive height difference the same way humans do

Real men don’t make a second trip to get the groceries

The position of this girl's leg makes it look like she has bulging biceps.

Neon Blue Garter Snake

I laughed even harder when I saw that it was an elderly woman driving..

Co-workers getting creative on their lunch break

yet another twist in the gay marriage uproar…

Epic fail.



At least they died in peace

Celebrities without teeth

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sweet trick!

I knew I couldn't be the only one that felt this way…

Seeing someone be grammatically correct on the internet.

She thinks it means "Spirit Warrior Princess"

Perfect crime

Plotholes… Number 10 is hilarious

First world problem that seems to plague me

She was looking for her keys.

Google really cracks me up sometimes

No matter how hard life is, never give up

Oh university towns..

Oh no! It’s coming right for us!

Well, it makes a good point…

How to eat chocolate indefinitely [fixed]

HADOKEN-ing. The latest craze in Japan

Realtor logic.

This could have been true this whole time

At the airport they make her take off her shoes to do a cavity search.

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Not a single fuck was given.

The Average Man

That would be fun

Finally got a phone call…

This just doesn’t add up.